About Flames 🔥

Flames🔥 Is An Expression Of The Victor Maurice Ministries A Confluence of Believers With A Genuine Passion For KING JESUS and His Kingdom, Who by the Holy Spirit Live A Life Of WORSHIP As Epistles to A Generation In Love And Character, Furthermore A People Committed To Continuous And Fervent PRAYER Which Through The Power Of The Holy Spirit Makes Tremendous Result Available Birthing Supernatural ENCOUNTERS.

Flames 🔥Prayer
We Understand That Spirituality Without Prayer As A Means Of Aggregate Communication And Communion With God Will Yield Little Or No Result, Hence As A Body Of Intercessors Flames🔥Prayer are a group of saints with one Voice and One heart Called To Stand As Watchmen Who Periodically Intercede To The End That The Kingdoms Of This World Become The Kingdom Of Our Christ And His Purposes!

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