Is a worship meeting that is targeted towards a hearty fellowship with the Holy Spirit, having its foundation rooted deeply in Intense Prayer, Genuine Worship and the Teachings of the Apostles with respect to the revelation of the person of JESUS And His Power Through The Ministry of the Holy Spirit, Apostolic Worship Experience creates a platform where The Nations Come Up To Learn The Ways Of The Lord As Captured In The Book of Isaiah 2, It Also Creates A Platform Where Believers Converge from all works of Life to experience a tangible move of God.
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WIND OF REVIVAL – Ezekiel 37:9&10

3 Cardinal Points

1) Become A focal point for Revival in cities, revealng The Love of Jesus, preaching And Teaching the Excellent Word of God, Manifesting The Power of the Holy Spirit
Acts 1:8

2) Raising A people of Genuine, intentional and Apostolic Worship who Will Continuously Sing The Lord A New Song In Love And Understanding Of His Majesty, By This Edifying The Body Of Christ And Glorifying The Lord.
John 4:22-24

3) Creating a platform for Prayer and intercession in view of the Global Harvest wherein the Kingdoms of This World are made that of God and his Christ King JESUS Our Saviour Unto His Eternal Reign.
Revelation 11:15

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